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“I once gave up and buried my dreams, yet I learned I shouldn’t”

By Tsania Fitra Maulidia
A MOSMA (MORA Overseas Student Mobility Awards) Scholar at the University of Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
A Postgraduate Student of English Education at IAIN Kediri

Hi, I am Tsania Fitra Maulidia. My friends usually call me Tsania. I am a postgraduate student of English Education at State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Kediri who has many dreams in life. One of them is to study abroad with a full scholarship.

Personally, having a chance to study abroad with a scholarship is something very challenging. Therefore, I started following various social media accounts that provided information on studying abroad to understand the requirements and preparation needed. When I first read the application requirements, unfortunately, I felt that it would be very hard to achieve. My motivation dropped and I slowly started to give up on my dreams so they wouldn’t overwhelm me.

However, in the midst of all these feelings of despair, I came across information about the MORA Overseas Student Mobility Awards (MOSMA) scholarship offered by Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (KEMENAG RI) for a student exchange program. implemented Initiated by KEMENAG RI in cooperation with Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP), this scholarship is one of the implementation programs of the Merdeka Curriculum in the form of a physical mobility program that provides opportunities for students in Islamic universities to study in universities abroad. The scholarship awardees can have hands-on learning experiences abroad for one semester.

After finding information about the MOSMA scholarship, I felt it was the perfect opportunity I had been waiting for. I could not contain my excitement. I started to read the requirements carefully and thoroughly. Though I was doubtful about my abilities at first, I ultimately decided not to give up so easily. I realized that this was a rare chance and I tried to complete the requirements.

I started to prepare necessary documents meticulously, such as taking the required English test and medical test, filling out the registration form on the website, and so on. Of course, this journey was not easy. There were many hurdles and obstacles along the way. Whenever I felt tired and discouraged, I always kept my mind on my profound dream of studying abroad.

After the required documents were completed, I started uploading them to the website. The time was very tight, but Alhamdulillah I was able to submit everything on time. After submitting the registration documents, I surrendered to God, believing that whatever the result, it must be according to the best God’s divine plan.

A few days later, I received an announcement that I had passed the substance stage and had moved on to the interview stage. Alhamdulillah, I also passed the interview stage smoothly. I waited anxiously for the final announcement. Several weeks later, I checked the results of the final announcement in the website. I was afraid of how if the words “did not pass” emerged. Despite feeling anxious, I tried to stay positive and focus my mind on other things.

Unexpectedly, not long after that, a good friend of mine suddenly sent me a file of the MOSMA announcement. My name was on the list of the MOSMA awardee that will study in the United Kingdom (UK). Later I found out that the website was indeed in an error when I previously checked the announcement.

Shortly after, I prepared everything I need for study abroad, including taking the language test as the requirement from the destination campus in UK. The challenge did not stop here though. I thought that TOEFL ITP test I took earlier for applying the scholarship would be enough. It did not. The destination campus only allowed TOEFL iBT so I had to retake the language test. They recommended me to take another English test, that is Password English Test because it was one of the tests recommended by the University of Dundee. Apart from that, I also studied harder every day by finding resources from YouTube and Google to practice writing, speaking, and listening. In addition, I also learned about the accents and culture in the UK, especially that of in Scotland, to familiarize myself with the language and environment. I wished this could help me to adapt well as I embarked on the upcoming journey ahead.

Finally, I was officially accepted as a MOSMA scholar to study in the UK. It feels like a dream come true. I am filled with happiness and gratitude. This achievement proves that nothing is impossible if you persevere and keep faith. I will not waste this opportunity and will do my best. I hope that this scholarship will open other learning opportunities, particularly in the education realm, and can inspire others to seize every opportunities that comes their way.

Author: Tsania Fitra Maulidia
Editors: Ropingi el-Ishaq, Dewi Nur Suci & Zuhrufi Latifah